The Breath of Life

Air is one of nature’s greatest natural remedies and it is free.

Every living organism on the planet needs clean air in order to live. The air that surrounds us is actually made up of a number of gases, though most of them are only found in small amounts or traces. Oxygen is absolutely vital for life and without it, we could not live.

The life of the body is in the blood, in order for the body to have healthy blood it is crucial we have a good clean supply of oxygen. With that said, it is therefore essential we fill our lungs with only oxygen and not any of the gases inhaled by poor lifestyle practices today.

Many scientific and medical studies have shown the correlation between a lack of oxygen in the system, as one of the root causes in many diseases including some of the chronic degenerative ones.

After the baby stage, many of us have slipped into bad breathing habits unawares, half breathing and only partially filling our lungs. Deep breathing is best to get good amounts of quality air in our lungs, bringing our blood into an oxygen-rich atmosphere to feed our cells and organs

In this time where we are living in an environment filled with toxic viral overload, it is highly important you study and understand how your respiratory system works and how to have a solid defense against infections. Good air empowers good circulation enabling optimum health.

Here are a few Good Breathing Habits
Get out very early in the morning into your garden, nearby park, or field and develop the practice of deep breathing.

  1. It is important to breathe pure fresh air, so take a walk to the park, field, mountain trail, beach, or river early in the morn-ing. A rich supply of oxygen helps the hemoglobin exchange to give your organs full power.
  2. Walking with shoulders back and head upright allows the lungs to have unrestricted expansion. Take deep long breaths exhaling slowly as you go, counting in between in your head as you enjoy the exercise.
  3. Be careful how you dress, the lungs need the greatest freedom possible to function. Tight clothing especially around the chest and waist, restricts the circulation of good blood flow which carries oxygen to vital organs.


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