Temperance means more than just moderation.

Temperance is described in most dictionaries as, exercising self-control or abstinence from all things that are harmful with emphasis placed on alcohol and foods. The Webster’s Dictionary goes further to express…

1. an avoidance of extremes in one’s actions, beliefs, or habits “my father attributes his ripe old age to temperance in all things, especially eating and drinking. Webster dictionary

I want you to notice that food and lifestyle are mentioned all the time with temperance for a very good reason. You Are What You Eat is not just a phrase but a living reality, highlighting the deep impact of food and drink on our mind, body, and behaviour. Over-eating and destructive habits impair the body systems leading often to chronic autoimmune and lifestyle diseases.

We are created with 5 senses (sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch) and all of them are used in influencing our decisions and actions. The mind is the hard drive of the human anatomy and the gut is classified in science as the second brain, both governing our entire body systems.

Establishing healthy lifestyle practices like good sleep, balanced work ethics, exercise, and a wholefood, plant-based diet properly prepared, empowers the body. This diet nourishes our cells for good blood, which is vital for a healthy life. Use wisdom and avoid all lifestyle practices that cause poor sleep, infect your blood and immune system.
Abstain from Intoxicating substances such as alcohol, caffeine, and acid-forming foods, packed with artificial flavours and ingredients that create inflammation.

We are living in an information age where accessibility to balance health knowledge is readily available for us to make wise choices.
Choose wisely in all areas of life because Health Is Wealth.


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