Our bodies need rest in order to function. Are you getting the right quality and quantity of rest?

In these unstable times, fear, worry, anxiety and stress are some of the biggest issues causing sleep deprivation and inadequate rest. This is further fueled by some of our working lifestyles practices and our heavy evening media habits, which affects our circadian rhythm (Night and Day cycle of rest).

A growing body of evidence shows that sleep deprivation affects our cognitive performance, impacting our decisions, fueling emotional instability, productivity, efficiency and our overall safety.

Fascinating research has also established the correlation between sleep deprivation and many of our lifestyle and autoimmune diseases.

All good athletes know that besides good nutrition and regular disciplined exercise, sleep is vital for repair, restoration, vitality, strength and performance.

Basic tips for improving sleep include:

  • Write down all your daily stresses on a notepad and ad-dress each point.
  • Establish a regular organized bedtime routine with rising and retiring time
  • Exercise early in the day, or at least four to five hours before sleep.
  • Do not drink or take caffeine in any form.
  • Turn off all media devices such as TVs, computers, and smartphones, at least a an hour before bed.\• Take at least 7hrs good quality sleep.


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