Sunlight is one of God’s greatest blessings of life.

The sun in all its majestic glory brings joy to the gloomiest of faces and life to every living thing in its presence. From the flower un-folding its petals in the morning to the baby lambs leaping and playing in the fields in appreciation of its energizing rays, you cannot miss its glorious beams.

Globally optimum health is dependent on getting adequate sunlight to empower our immune system, killing germs and enhancing the growth of our white blood cells, aiding the body’s defense against viruses.

Whilst it is important to get adequate amounts of sunlight, overindulgence can be harmful. Too much exposure can result in severe burns and damage to the skin, leaving you vulnerable to various skin cancers.

Take great care in making sure you get your daily needs but at the correct times of day for maximum benefits. Your body will not only welcome its medicinal properties but your complexion will express the natural healthy glow and beauty on your skin.

Benefits of Sunlight:

  • Sunlight increases the production of endorphins and serotonin in your brain, elevating your mood, happiness, and well-being.
  • Sunlight produces vitamin D which is essential for growth, calcium absorption, and the repair of bones.
  • Sunlight is also great for healing and restoration of the nervous system and digestive system especially walking in it after your meals improving your metabolism.
  • Sunlight also helps you sleep beautifully after a happy day working, exercising, or playing in its rays, enriching your circadian rhythm cycle.
  • We were created to enjoy the gifts of nature spending quality time outdoors


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