Water is one of the most precious fuels for life and health yet 750 million people, many children, families, and communities across the globe do not have the privilege of safe, clean water.

The entire human body needs clean water in order for each organ to function effectively in optimum health. Water makes up 90% of every living cell in the human body and is necessary for hydration, hygiene, cooking as well as detoxing the body.

How and when to use the water for the best health benefits, are of utmost importance.

Drink to your health
First thing in the morning after rising from the bed, drink 2 glasses of pure water or with a half of lemon squeezed in to flush toxins from the body, kick-starting your system for the day.

Always hydrate throughout the day drinking water half hour before a meal or 45 minutes to an hour after but never with a meal. Drink-ing with a meal dilutes your digestion acid, which affects the body’s ability to get the best nutrients needed for optimum health.

It is recommended we drink a minimum of 2litres per day. Avoid where possible from buying water in plastic bottles or carrying it in products like reusable water bottles, due to the toxic chemical BPA; Bisphenol A, a plastics additive.

Much scientific proven data has shown that these chemicals leak into the water when the temperature of the bottle changes by heat. This is hazardous to our health because clean water carries oxygen crucial for healthy cells, detoxification, hydration, and blood.

Therapeutic Benefits

  1. History shows that one of the oldest forms of therapeutic medicine and hydrotherapy known to man is expo-sure to cold water.
  2. Coldwater benefits the nervous system, our circulation, stress response, and speeds up recovery, which all con-tribute to a natural high and boost in mood and attitude.
  3. Taking a cold shower or going for a swim can be an effective way to help your system reboot and relax fairly quickly.
  4. Water gives us life. It is the source of healing, energy, and cleansing.


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