Trust In Divine Power

God has good plans for us, and that includes our health. Do you trust Him with your mind and your body?

From the beginning of earth’s history, the designer’s plan was very meticulous and precise, stamping his identification mark on every piece of His design. First, the atmosphere, land, seas, and environment were established, with every space populated according to His plan.

The air was clean and pure, ready to sustain life on the planet at every breath. The sun with all its healing properties was and still is medicine for the soul.

The land was carpeted with lush vegetation, fruit trees, vegetables, herbs, rivers, and springs of living water. The seas of vast oceans spread to every corner of the planet.
The birds, fish, animals, and creatures from every species were also created, male and female populating the earth, sky, and seas.

The scene was set for GOD’S grand design, mankind, who were individually and uniquely created, male and female in His image according to His likeness. Health was of utmost priority in the pre-preparation.

One unique clear directive was given to both men and animals as the food was the original plant-based diet, with some specific extra health instructions to man.

However, as with every manufacturer’s instructions, if it is not followed consequences occur with damaging effects. From one incident of distrust, we have had a catalogue of effects, ailments, diseases and death, always with the warranty available to us for restoration if its principles are applied.

A person truly in need of health will do everything within their power and will, seeking the best to maintain or restore it.

Today it is scientifically proven and established that those who follow a healthy plant-based diet in the right environment and conditions, cannot only prevent many of the present lifestyle diseases but with a total trust in GOD even reverse and restore health ac-cording to His plan.

The best lifestyle will provide physical wellbeing, emotional and spiritual growth. Always start your day with thoughts of thanksgiving, joy, peace, patience, friendliness, goodness, faithfulness, modesty and self-control.

I encourage you with God’s greatest desire for our health ex-pressed in the bible, His manual to man.


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