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I am Alvin McQueen the President & CEO. We have some exciting delicacies and opportunities ahead.

With health on the lips of everyone globally, contamination in all its forms to the body’s immune system must be avoided. Do you realize that the cookware you use can be one of the greatest poisons to your system?

We at Golden Palms Cookery School have teamed up with the worlds renown Salad Masters, who has devised a unique healthy cooking system made from 316 surgical steel and titanium.

These precious metals are used globally in surgical procedures for the safety benefits of not leaching harmful chemicals into the body.

To learn more on how this will benefit you and your family as you cook with us, join us for a free no-obligation 90-minute consultation with the golden opportunity of getting your hands on one of these unique Saladmaters food processors for FREE valued at £395.00.

CLICK ON THE LINK NOW and book your consultation unlocking the opportunity to get hands on one of these. Let’s get cooking together.

Health Is Wealth

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